Professional Teeth Cleanings in Grand Rapids, MI

Whether you schedule your routine dental cleanings like clockwork or it’s been a while since you’ve visited your family dentist for a check-up, our team at Grand Rapids Family Dentistry would be happy to see you. Dental cleanings and exams are an important part of maintaining a healthy smile, even if you take great care of your teeth at home. To learn more about our services or schedule your next appointment, please contact us!

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How many dental cleanings do I need per year?

The number of teeth cleanings you should schedule per year depends on the current status of your teeth and gums. Most patients who have generally healthy smiles only need to schedule biannual dental visits to keep their teeth and gums in great shape. For those who have periodontal disease or are on the verge of developing periodontal disease, three or four cleanings or deep cleanings may be recommended.

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Do dental cleanings hurt?

While dental cleanings can cause some mild discomfort at times, especially if it’s been a long time since you’ve had a professional teeth cleaning, they should not be painful. If you experience dental pain or more tooth sensitivity than usual during your cleaning, please let our team know, as this can be a sign of an underlying issue that needs to be addressed.

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Will teeth cleanings whiten my teeth?

Professional teeth cleanings can help remove some surface-level stains that appear on the teeth, but they will not provide you with a noticeably whiter smile. If you are interested in brightening your teeth and making them several shades lighter, ask our team about our custom teeth whitening treatments. Whitening your teeth right after a professional teeth cleaning is the perfect time to do it!

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Does the dental membership plan include dental cleanings?

Yes! Our in-house dental membership plan includes biannual dental cleanings and exams as well as X-rays and fluoride treatments. For patients who are uninsured or underinsured, our in-house plan can be an excellent way to continue receiving the preventive services that you and your family need to maintain positive oral health. To learn more or enroll, please contact our friendly front office team.

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