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Dentures and Partial Dentures

Dentist in Grand Rapids, MI

Dentures are constructed to replace missing teeth and soft tissue structures. Dentures are removable and are made to closely resemble natural tissue. Dentures are constructed using materials that make them very durable, and you may anticipate your custom dentures lasting many years.

There are two types of dentures: complete and partial. Complete dentures are made to replace all of the teeth of one arch. By working with the Kent Wildern, DDS office to select the shape, size and shade of these teeth you can create a beautiful new smile. Implants can be used to stabilize a complete denture, and these dentures are made similarly to regular dentures.

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Partial dentures are used when either one or more teeth are missing and some natural teeth remain. Partial dentures help maintain proper spacing of the remaining teeth and can also prevent these teeth from shifting.

We at Kent Wildern, DDS in Grand Rapids recommend conventional dentures when all teeth are missing and gum tissues have had time to heal completely. If you have been without your teeth for some time, you will only need to wait for their dentures to be made before wearing them. Although, patients needing extractions of decayed teeth can leave with dentures that day, additional steps are needed to convert to the final denture. They will need to wait for tissues to heal and harden before they can wear a set of conventional dentures. Typically, gum tissues heal fully within several months following an extraction or other dental treatment. By this time, a dental lab has your customized dentures ready for you to wear.

Benefits of Wearing Dentures

Using full or partial dentures to replace missing teeth prevents atrophy of your gums, restores proper chewing and speaking abilities and reduces loss of jawbone density. Although one, two or three missing teeth can be replaced using dental implants, full or partial dentures are needed when numerous teeth have been lost due to disease or trauma. Unlike dental implants, which require minimally invasive surgery, your custom dentures in Grand Rapids, MI can be implemented without the need for any cutting or heavy anesthesia as long extractions are not involved in providing patients with dentures.

Reasons to get dentures include:

Complete and partial dentures are used to support facial tissues and enhance your smile. Complete dentures restore tooth structure when all of the teeth have been removed. Partial dentures restore tooth structure as well as help maintain any remaining structures when only some teeth have been lost.

We Offer Custom Full Dentures in Grand Rapids, MI

As we mentioned, full or complete dentures replace an entire set of teeth in an arch, which means your complete upper or lower set of teeth will be gone, and you'll wear dentures in their place. You may need tooth extractions to make room for the dentures if you have not already lost all of your teeth.

Why are complete dentures a smart choice to address the missing teeth in your mouth? We make our custom dentures to fit your mouth's unique structure and needs. Getting custom dentures from Kent Wildern, DDS ensures that:

  • You get a pair that fits your mouth correctly: We'll size them to ensure they provide a snug yet comfortable fit.
  • You have input on the process: You can talk to us about how the dentures feel as we fit them, which allows you to point out any problems or concerns.
  • You receive natural-looking dentures: Customizing the dentures to your bite style and mouth size makes them appear more natural.

It may take a few sessions to get the right fit and feel for your dentures. Once your full set is done, you can go back to enjoying life without worrying about your teeth all the time. It can be exhausting and frustrating to fret over how your tooth problems will impact social situations or work commitments. Getting dentures will help get rid of those concerns and allow you to focus on other parts of life.

What Goes Into Making Your Complete Dentures?

So many variables go into the creation of our full dentures. We use the latest dental technology in all of our services, which helps us provide you with the most realistic-looking dentures. Of course, you want dentures that don't just look good but also work well and allow you to bite and chew the way you did with your real teeth. Full dentures can help with all of the above.

A few of the variables in our dentures include:

  • The texture of the gums: You want the dentures to look as natural as possible. Adding bumps or even small vein-like details can increase their resemblance to real gum lines.
  • Gum shades: You can discuss different custom options to mimic your own gum color.
  • Ridging: You can ask about ridging to make the dentures resemble the distinctive ridges of the upper gum, which are critical to the way you pronounce words and move your food as you chew.

Each one of these details can make a difference in how comfortable you are with the end product. Our goal is to make the fit as natural as possible. We want to make the transition easier for you. Giving each patient the customization they desire will achieve this important goal.

Partial and complete denture construction requires:

  • Getting dentures is usually done over multiple appointments and may take several weeks.
  • At one of the early appointments diagnostic impressions are taken and used by the laboratory to create your custom dentures. 
  • Once the denture is returned from the laboratory several appointments are scheduled for try-in and adjustment. At these appointments your dentist will check for color, shape and the most comfortable fit.
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