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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Dentist in Grand Rapids, MI

Extraction is a "last resort" treatment plan applied mostly to teeth that are damaged beyond repair or no longer viable. Impacted wisdom teeth, or wisdom teeth that fail to erupt normally at the back of the mouth, often cause pain, swelling, and infection when lying sideways or crookedly inside your gums. If this occurs, you may need wisdom teeth extraction in Grand Rapids, MI at Kent Wildern, DDS. In addition, digital X-rays can reveal whether your wisdom teeth will erupt normally or become impacted and fail to erupt in the future.

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Simple and Surgical Wisdom Teeth Extraction:

Two kinds of dental extractions exist--simple and surgical. When dentists perform a simple extraction, they usually do not need to make any incisions. Instead, the tooth has already erupted and simply needs to be pulled using forceps and an elevator. Alternately, surgical extractions require dentists to extract the tooth by elevating gum tissues and removing bone surrounding and concealing the tooth. Depending on how deeply embedded the tooth is in the gums, your dentist may also need to remove jawbone tissues using an osteotome. To make surgical extractions easier, your dentist may break the tooth into smaller pieces to avoid a lengthy extraction process.

How Do I Know If I Need My Wisdom Teeth Out?

Most people start getting their wisdom teeth between the ages of 18 and 21, though sometimes it occurs earlier. You may feel some pain as they begin to erupt through the gum.

Not everyone needs their wisdom teeth removed. However, many people's mouths do not have room to accommodate these teeth, or they can become impacted as discussed above. In these cases, you'll need to have your wisdom teeth removed. You may also need this procedure if:

  • Nearby teeth begin to decay because of the proximity or eruption of the wisdom teeth
  • Cysts form near the wisdom teeth
  • You develop an infection beside a wisdom tooth

Sometimes, wisdom teeth also need to be taken out due to an orthodontic issue, such as improper bite. You should consult our dental office if you think any of these issues may be happening in your mouth.

How Long Does It Take to Recover From Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

We know you're busy and want to get back to your regular schedule as quickly as possible following your wisdom teeth removal. Unfortunately, there's no one answer for how long recovery will take. It depends on a number of factors, such as:

  • Whether the teeth were impacted or infected
  • The extent of swelling and bruising
  • If dry socket or infection develop post-surgery, which is rare

For most people, a few days will suffice for recovery. Others may need longer. We'll monitor your condition and offer absence or sick excuses for students if needed.

Why Get Wisdom Teeth Removal at Kent Wildern, DDS

Wisdom teeth removal is a very common procedure, but how it is performed varies from one person to the next. During a typical session, the patient is given local anesthesia around the teeth that are being removed. Some patients may be sedated consciously so they’re more comfortable and relaxed yet still awake, while others may be sedated into unconsciousness and not remember anything about the procedure.

The time it takes to perform a wisdom tooth extraction depends on where and how the teeth are growing in. Teeth that have partially erupted through the gum tend to be easier to remove, while teeth that are growing sideways and under the gum require more invasive surgery.

Following the procedure, the patient may experience some pain and swelling, neither of which typically lasts longer than a few days. The dentist will prescribe pain medications to relieve any lingering pain in the teeth and gums. Dr. Wildern will also provide home care instructions on how to help minimize and manage pain and other aftereffects of wisdom teeth removal, as well as schedule a follow-up visit.

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