Root Canals

Root Canal Procedure

Dentist in Grand Rapids, MI

A root canal is a natural cavity that forms within the center of the tooth that has a soft pulp chamber "canal" housing the tooth’s nerve. Our Grand Rapids Family Dentistry practice can perform root canal or endodontic procedures to save teeth that are badly decayed by removing the pulp and nerves and then sealing the cleaned area. Without treating a needed root canal, infection and abscesses can form on the tissues surrounding your teeth. If you have an infected tooth it can be very painful and you should seek immediate medical attention from an experienced Grand Rapids root canal dentist.

Signs that a root canal is needed:

  • A tooth’s color darkens
  • You experience severe tooth pain when chewing
  • Gum tissue near a tooth is swollen, sensitive or pimpled
  • Heightened and prolonged hot or cold sensitivity
  • Nerve damage and other side effects


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